Manual search engine submission Vs Automated search engine Submission

Manual search engine submission Vs Automated search engine Submission

Manual search engine submission is the best, effective and preferred method when it comes to submitting your website in the search engines. Search engines expect every details of the site to be filled in manually through their website mechanism. Automated submission through back door is considered as a SPAM in most of the popular search engines and directories.


Fully Accredited SEO Promotion Better Ranks/Traffic/Sales/Bookings

There are hundreds of general and niche search engines which are eager to accept your website if you submit the required information in the right category according to the submission guidelines.  The question is how you are going to do the search engine submissions and which search engines are you going to submit in? Certainly you don’t want to submit your mortgage site in a “health directory” or place it in the sports category of a general web directory.

You may have come across

“Completely automated search engine submission service that submits your site  to 90,000 search engines on a click of mouse …


and lot of other software’s which claim to automatically submit your website to thousands of  search engines and  directories.  The rates of these submissions are very cheap and so is the result of these submissions. Chances are your website will be blacklisted by some of the popular search engines and directories. Consider the facts before you utilize a software or service to do automatic search engine submission.

Every search engine and directory is unique and the have various features which differ in

Different categories and sections. (Some may have as less as 12 main categories while others have more than 3000 categories classified into sub categories and inner categories. The category names  are not consistent across the directories)
Different types of form input. Some search engines will ask for a very few details of your website whereas a dedicated account is needed in others for submitting your website. You need to do a detailed registration by providing phone numbers, address etc.
Registration and confirmation methods. Most of the search engines and directories need a confirmation from your email to avoid automatic submission.
CAPTCHA (IMAGE Confirmation) – A picture with numbers which have to be manually entered. This is also to avoid automated submission.
Approval of your website.
Maximum number of submissions  per user (some of them restrict to a single submission per user)

Quality PLR .0003/article

Wide Variety of PLR Content for Less than .0003/article

Frequency of submission..
The popular search engines and directories are opposed to automated submissions and it is considered as a SPAM.  No automated software or service can take into account the above different features of search engines and directories while submitting the web sites.  The fact is most of the directories do a manual review on the submissions and will find out the automated submissions sooner or later and block them.


ATC Technical Consultant Specialists launch new website

ATC Technical Consultant Specialists launch new website


ATC is at the leading edge of recruitment with an interactive web portal specially developed for engineers and recruiters. ATC is acknowledged for its firm but fair code of conduct as a technology partner and operates a strict policy of confidentiality. As part of our commitment we are fully conversant with German VAT law (UstG) and our digital invoicing and secure data transfer is fully protected with secure software.


ATC recruit in a number of industries Aerospace, Automotive, IT, Marine, Motor Sport, Renewable Energy, Space and petrochemical. They also recruit in numerous locations such as UK, London, West Midlands and many more.

Some of the jobs you can find on our website is as follows: IT, Marine, Aerospace, Automotive, Formula 1 & Motor Sport, Renewable Energy and many more.

Our approach is to demonstrate value by understanding the nature of your project so that we are genuinely a partner in technology development.

We often hear from clients that they have gained additional value from our expertise leading to a satisfactory resolution.

You can be confident that we will find suitable candidates for interview from our large database. Some candidates are interested in permanent employment and some for short-term contracts, so you can view our varied CV bank or talk to us for more support.

Candidates are supported at all stages and offered advice and guidance particularly if transferring to another country. We like to stay in contact with both employer and the successful candidate even after they have left the post.

Our new website will be able to offer an online CV short listing facility, where we will search our large database of engineering candidates and create short lists, matched closely to your role. We will then upload the short list to a secure area, prior to forwarding you an encrypted link. You may then filter through these short lists and then request their full CV or arrange an interview.


You can be confident that we will find suitable candidates for interview from our large database. Some candidates are interested in permanent employment and some for short-term contracts, so you can view our varied CV bank or talk to us for more support.


Visit and see for yourself.









Influence of tap water for healthy hair

Tap water is polluted not only cause toxicity when swallowed, but also when used to bathe. Some residents complained Swedish blond hair suddenly become green after a wash with tap water contaminated with metals. and this can not be tolerated.

This case Anderslov experienced by residents, a city located in southern Sweden. The majority of local residents hair colored a golden blonde have suddenly turned into a green wash using tap water from water companies.

The technician immediately conduct an investigation, to determine the presence of copper metal pollution that is known to react with blond hair. But in the early observations, the technician discovered the copper levels in water supplies are within normal limits. It can also be caused by poor plumbing curing. If you need information about plumbing, you can visit the site On this site there are a variety of information about the services of plumbers and plumber services in Orange. nourish your body with care and ensure plumbing tap water in a clean and comfortable.

An Overview of Online Computer Science Degree

An Overview of Online Computer Science Degree

Computer science is basically the study of theories of computation and how they apply to computer system. An on-campus of online computer science degree can help you get qualified for a career in the computing or technology industry. However, many people are choosing online degrees these days mainly because they are convenient and employers are ready to accept them.

Why Online?

Online programs are generally more convenient than offline programs as one can study whenever and wherever they want to. Moreover, online degrees are usually cheaper than regular programs. Thus, working professionals wanting to get advanced qualifications can opt for these programs as it suits their lifestyle.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computers

This degree requires four years of study.

Courses included in this degree are related to computer science, mathematics and science. Before earning this degree students can opt for an associate degree or a certificate in this field. Although, such programs can get them entry-level positions but they have a limited set of options. On the other hand, a bachelor’s degree lets them pursue a wide range of career options.

Master’s Program in Computers

After pursuing their bachelor’s degree in this field students can go on to get a Master of Science degree in computer science. There are some institutions which allow students to earn this degree online. In this program students get advanced knowledge and focus on a particular are like computer graphics, human-computer interaction or artificial intelligence. The choice of specialization will depend on their career interest.


Students can also opt for a PhD in computer science. This is especially suitable for those who want to get teaching or research-based jobs in this field.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook

Students who have earned a regular or online computer science degree can enter various technology-related industries such as robotics, telecommunication, multimedia development, computer networking, business computing and so on. Professionals can join private or public organizations as requirements for their services are present in both of these organizations. Examples of career one can pursue after pursuing a degree in this field include system analyst, network engineer and database administrator. Moreover, job opportunities for computer scientists are predicted to expand in the coming years due to the use of computers in various spheres of life.

Earnings Information

Handsome salaries are offered to computer scientists. The amount of salary depends on the specialization area. For example in 2006, the median earnings of computer scientists in research-based positions were ,950 and database administrators they were ,670 according to the BLS.

Wants The State Of The Internal Combustion Engine Industry, Individual Project Support – Internal

Wants The State Of The Internal Combustion Engine Industry, Individual Project Support – Internal
Internal combustion engine Industry will further adjust the structure to promote energy saving

3 8, held in Beijing, Shandong delegation of the Third Session of the Eleventh National People’s Congress deliberating the government work report at the meeting, China Internal combustion engine Industry Association, Weifang Diesel Engine Association chairman Tan Xuguang to speak on behalf of the proposed State Council department in charge of a high degree of concern about the internal combustion engine industry, as an independent industry to manage, and engine industries have yet to focus on product development to include countries ” Equipment manufacturing Industry restructuring and revitalization of “product catalog, in the technological transformation, basic theory and applications for research projects such as greater support.

Where Premier Wen Jiabao and Vice Premier Wang Qishan attended the meeting on consideration of the Shandong delegation, Tan Xuguang, at present the internal combustion engine fuel consumed by the total oil consumption in China accounted for 60.32%, 12% of the atmosphere carbon dioxide emissions from motor vehicles, non-road mobile machinery with internal combustion particles produced, respectively, the total hydrocarbon emission sources 61% and 43%; internal combustion engine is energy, sewage large, but also to implement the most energy saving potential products.

End, Tan Xuguang, for example, a 2009 internal combustion engine industry, 67 million units in China, 1.13 billion kilowatts of output statistics, if only every internal combustion engine per kilowatt / hour 1 gram of oil savings terms, 1.13 billion kilowatts of can save an average of 1 hour total 1130 tons of fuel, fuel-efficient 412 thousand tons per annum could be. Tan Xuguang that do a good job on energy saving combustion engine industry, other industries have a huge lead role, while the last countries to develop the car, equipment, ship three light industries for engine product measures are not specific, it should be a separate planning be managed.

“Fully aware of the internal combustion engine industry, energy conservation is an important part of social responsibility.” Recently, the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association Executive Vice President, Secretary-Min Xing, said in an interview, “the current internal combustion engine industry one from the overall industrial structure adjustment, the second should conscientiously sum up ‘Eleventh Five-Year Plan’ for implementation, identify gaps and shortcomings, for the development of ‘second Five-Year Plan’ prepared. “

From China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, National Development and Reform Commission and other departments to prepare to submit a special report about development of the industry, the reporter noted that 14 countries support the current needs of industry and technology projects in 10 current development of the industry need to support research projects, such as direct injection technology, homogeneous combustion technology, combustion control technology, turbocharging technology, post-processing technology, low friction, high sealing technology, new materials technology Dengjun shown. It seems, to the sustainable development of the industry, internal combustion engines do a deal with associations already prepared.

“Internal combustion engine production in China accounts for a quarter of the world, but with the world advanced level of high fuel consumption 15% to 20%, emissions are low in two stages. Therefore, the internal combustion engine industry to clearly see their own lack of increased sense of urgency of structural adjustment. “Xing Min said China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association will lead the industry to seriously implement the spirit of the government work report, to focus on the adjustment of product structure and industrial structure put up.