Plastics recycling in the mechanical engineering industry

Plastics recycling in the mechanical engineering industry

The EU WEEE (management of waste electrical and electronic equipment) directive has big implications for mechanical engineering companies, who today incorporate FPGA design and polybrominated plastics into many of the products they create.
While the prohibited metals, such as lead and mercury, are relatively easy to recover and recycle, the recycling of restricted plastics is more difficult. However, recently there have been significant breakthroughs in this department – notably at the TAMARA municipal solid waste combustion (MSWC) pilot plant at the Karlsruhe Research Centre, Germany, which has been trialling machinery for separating the bromine component of brominated plastics.
The trials supported the theory that wet scrubbing systems installed in modern MSCW facilities could be used to liberate bromine from WEEE plastics waste, for example flame-retardant finishes.

Bromine – as pure bromine, hydrogen bromide and sodium bromide – is widely used in industry, so it’s a financially viable option. There are enough MSWC facilities in Europe to process all the bromine currently known to exist in WEEE plastics, and commercial plants investing in the necessary equipment would be assured of a regular supply of raw materials, especially as polybrominated waste is a world-wide issue extending far beyond the EU.
Plastics are used in both electronic and mechanical engineering. Used throughout the design process, from housings to circuitry, they reduce size, weight and production costs, enhancing functionality and consumer appeal. With miniaturisation now possible through sophisticated PCB design tools, WEEE has become a complex issue. The average lifespan of hi-tech hardware is shorter than it’s ever been, leading to large volumes of environmentally harmful products, such as lead solder and flame-retardant insulation, ending up in landfill sites.
Flame retardants are often necessary for products to comply with fire safety regulations. However, there are a wide range of alternatives in PCB design, packaging and cabling. These include polymer resins, polyphosphates and organic halogen derivatives. Aluminium phosphate, Zinc stannate, Polyethylene sulphide and tetrabromo phtalimid are just four already in use, with more being developed all the time. This makes following RoHS regulations fairly trouble-free, since these concern the construction of new items. However, the disposal of end-of-life EE (electronic/electrical) plastics presents more of problem, as their composition will affect the recovery process. A comprehensive bill-of-materials is essential no matter how small the component is.
Like lead, hexavalent chromium and mercury, the recycling of polybrominated plastics needs to be done eco-efficiently, so environmental compliance in one area does not impact on another, or make the process economically unviable. However, trials with Polybrominated insulation foams and WEEE plastics have shown that recovery of bromine is a highly efficient waste management operation which satisfies environmental compliance regarding energy emissions, and is commercially viable.
Eco-efficient waste management is a lucrative area for both mechanical engineering companies and FPGA design teams. Bromine recycling adds an exciting new edge to the range of technologies available for WEEE recycling. We at Enventure Technologies offer a wide range of services in the areas of mechanical engineering and PCB design, as well as data management solutions for those struggling with WEEE and REACH legislation.

Industrial Automation Does Much More Than Control Manufacturing

Industrial Automation Does Much More Than Control Manufacturing

Industrial automation is not just the devices and machines that run your manufacturing operations. Industrial automation has a more comprehensive calling, looking down from a loftier perch that oversees integrated production operations, data acquisitions, purchasing, logistics, and building automation. You can guess a lot of the benefits from this kind of infrastructure that is in place for your business. A lot of conversation is the main thing that comes from this close-knit community of operations controllers. When the purchasing agent has some new plastic raw materials delivered into inventory, the production operation is immediately aware of it by industrial automation. When the material handling section of the manufacturing operation moves an amount of the screw caps for bottles being made in production to the line, bringing the inventory level down to the re-order point, purchasing is made aware of it immediately.

When a pallet-load of finished products is moved to shipping for transport to a new customer the bill-of-lading is automatically generated by the automation system.

Industrial automation is an integrated network that connects all of the sources of information in the company with all the destinations of information that need to know what has just transpired. The immediacy of supply of this information to the data destinations is a significant leverage for a manufacturer that is in need of supplying the marketplace with products when the demand is high. There are a lot of companies that have only part of the total automation network established in their operations. They may have the part of the network that advises the purchasing department that raw materials have arrived, but do not have the part that tells the production department the raw materials are available to be used. In this case, not having one link in the network can render the network almost ineffective. It needs to be an all or another deal. The business needs to have the entire network in place to reap the full benefits that the network can afford.

When you become interested in building an industrial automation network, you should look at your entire operation from a very high level. Even though you may not implement the entire network after the planning stage to set up a network, at least you will be aware of the areas that can be added to the network at a later time. The plan that you make for industrial automation should be a long range one that would include all the possible areas of your company that could benefit from an installed network. Be sure to keep the plan up-to-date as time passes. If you discover areas that need to added to your plan then make the effort to add them. Make modifications to your plan as time passes, so that you will be able to build a complete automation network if you ability to do so presents itself at some time in the future.

There are companies that help you determine the pathways for information that would be best for you to build inside your operation. When you start to review the current network you have in place, you will probably see that you have a data network for information movement and a power network for driving the system that you have in place. There needs to be an establishment of the interoperability of these networks. In creating the sharing of information in the industrial automation network your company will increase the security of the network and the entire operation. Management and other operations personnel will have better visibility into current manufacturing operations. There will be an establishment of real-time data available, which will make it much easier to make real-time decisions about operations.

Having networks converge causes a reduction in cost and downtime and mitigates risk. The entire business will gain in agility in being able to react to market pressures and demands. Control levels of all parts of the business will increase with the increase in reaction times to changes as they happen. The availability of data to the point where it needs to be will allow for the reduction in complexity. Only data that needs to seen by purchasing will be made available to purchasing, while data that needs to be seen by robotic operations will have the ability to see it. This makes the management and decision-making much easier for individual departments.

Industrial automation when implemented effectively across the entire organization can make running the manufacturing much less complex and secure. The convergence of systems for carrying this data to its owners will make this happen sooner than later.

Industrial Property Noida

Industrial Property Noida

Industrial Property Noida Noida, or the New Okhla Industrial development area is a part of the Gautam Buddh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, India. This place has developed into a major commercial hub in th last few years. Established in the 80s by Sanjay Gandhi in order to develop a prominent industrial area, this area has indeed become one of the most modern cities in the North of India. The growth of this part of the country has been so phenomenal that as of today. It has become one of the most sought after destinations i n the country for multinational companies. For huge conglomerates-both Indian and International, this place has been proving to be the best in terms of business opportunities. Major international brands have set up their offices here triggering enormous employment opportunities.

With continual efforts by the government, it has grown at a rapid rate. Owing to the fact that it has become the “cynosure of all eyes” in the business world, more and more companies and industries want to set up their facilities here. The best way to look for a good industrial property Noida is consulting a reputed property dealer.

There are many property agents vying for attention in Delhi and NCR. All these people also deal in properties in Noida. Noida having become a huge commercial area always attracts people looking to invest in property. When it comes to the industrial property Noida, there are plenty of takers. Acquiring a property in India is not a mean task and particularly so in case of industrial properties. It involves a lot of rigmaroles and a whole lot of paperwork. It can also involve a lot of legal tangles if not done properly. Only an experienced and proficient real estate consultant can help you find the right property free of any dispute and get you the best deals. Propzone Pvt. Ltd. Is one company that has a team of diligent experts that can guide you to chose the best possible option for you.Industrial Property Noida

Find Search Engine Marketing Specialists and Consultant in Israel

Find Search Engine Marketing Specialists and Consultant in Israel

Are you looking for ways and means to attract traffic to your website in Israel? Are you looking for ideas to ensure that your target audience finds you when they are looking for your products and services? What you need is an SEO marketing consultant on your side to achieve the goals you want. Read on to find out more.

Search Engine Optimization

So, what do you do when you are looking for a product or service online? You go to a search engine and search for what you want. Then you look to see what you can find on the first page of search results. When you do find what you are looking for immediately, you visit the website, browse it and even making a purchase on it, else you modify your search term and start again. Now this is typical user behavior on the net. So, from the point of view of a business owner, you need to ensure that when users search on keywords that are relevant to you, your business shows up on the first page of the search results. This is where search engine marketing specialists can come to your aid.

Search Engine Marketing Specialists

An SEO marketing consultant or a team of search engine marketing specialists can make sure that your website shows up on the first page of search results when web users search for a keyword that is relevant to you. Research has shown that websites that show up on the first page of search results get very high volumes of targeted traffic which translates into higher sales, higher revenue and higher profit. This is because when you are on the first page of search results, your website gets a very high exposure to highly relevant target audience. And, the best time to attract their attention is when they are looking for what you have to offer. However, it is important that you choose the right team of search engine marketing specialists to partner with you.

Choosing the Right Partner

As you are surely aware, there are a number of search engine marketing specialists vying for your business. How do you choose one team or one SEO marketing consultant from the lot? Go to the firm o consultant who has a good reputation in the industry as well as a long track record of highly satisfied clients. If necessary, talk to the clients of the firm to find out what their experience with the firm was. Also, never trust a SEO marketing consultant who promises you instant results, because this is only possible by unethical means which put your business and reputation at risk.


Manual search engine submission Vs Automated search engine Submission

Manual search engine submission Vs Automated search engine Submission

Manual search engine submission is the best, effective and preferred method when it comes to submitting your website in the search engines. Search engines expect every details of the site to be filled in manually through their website mechanism. Automated submission through back door is considered as a SPAM in most of the popular search engines and directories.


Fully Accredited SEO Promotion Better Ranks/Traffic/Sales/Bookings

There are hundreds of general and niche search engines which are eager to accept your website if you submit the required information in the right category according to the submission guidelines.  The question is how you are going to do the search engine submissions and which search engines are you going to submit in? Certainly you don’t want to submit your mortgage site in a “health directory” or place it in the sports category of a general web directory.

You may have come across

“Completely automated search engine submission service that submits your site  to 90,000 search engines on a click of mouse …


and lot of other software’s which claim to automatically submit your website to thousands of  search engines and  directories.  The rates of these submissions are very cheap and so is the result of these submissions. Chances are your website will be blacklisted by some of the popular search engines and directories. Consider the facts before you utilize a software or service to do automatic search engine submission.

Every search engine and directory is unique and the have various features which differ in

Different categories and sections. (Some may have as less as 12 main categories while others have more than 3000 categories classified into sub categories and inner categories. The category names  are not consistent across the directories)
Different types of form input. Some search engines will ask for a very few details of your website whereas a dedicated account is needed in others for submitting your website. You need to do a detailed registration by providing phone numbers, address etc.
Registration and confirmation methods. Most of the search engines and directories need a confirmation from your email to avoid automatic submission.
CAPTCHA (IMAGE Confirmation) – A picture with numbers which have to be manually entered. This is also to avoid automated submission.
Approval of your website.
Maximum number of submissions  per user (some of them restrict to a single submission per user)

Quality PLR .0003/article

Wide Variety of PLR Content for Less than .0003/article

Frequency of submission..
The popular search engines and directories are opposed to automated submissions and it is considered as a SPAM.  No automated software or service can take into account the above different features of search engines and directories while submitting the web sites.  The fact is most of the directories do a manual review on the submissions and will find out the automated submissions sooner or later and block them.